BRIDE, Be Ready!

By Diana Josephine

I'm a young Doctor and if there's anything that I'm more proud of.. It's being a child of God! Join me as I venture life's journey with my best friend Jesus!

13 replies on “BRIDE, Be Ready!”

Praise be to the Lord . So helpful and much needed information akka . It gives me more brief on how we should and can live a Holy life Instead of not getting distracted with worldly life. God bless you Akka 😇

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Absolutely Profound ! May God bless you abundantly Daina … as you continue to inspire and draw more people towards His Kingdom !!!

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Beautifully written Dear Bride of Christ! You have conveyed the Heart of the Love our soul-Jesus and every one who reads this post will be edified by the Word of God enriched in this post!

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Very beautiful article about holiness
Very much needed in this world and we need to travel till we reach the destination..
So nice pics to Keep more interactive.. Lord bless you to be a blessing to many in your profession

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Glory to God in the highest. You are His warrior princess! Thanks a lot for obeying God’s word ad sharing these revelations darling! He’s gonna use you mightily for His Kingdom…
This is just your beginning! Hearty wishes to shine even more brighter in this dark world!❤ Love you more sweetie❤

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